Personally, I like music that's a bit loud, or has lyrics with substance, and strong melodies and choruses. This includes, The Sex Pistols, The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, and Weezer. Fall Out Boy is one of my favorites, I will admit, and they are classified as amazing. While they have substantial lyrics and strong choruses and melodies, (YAY) they also have a very odd fan base.

When Fall Out Boy first started,they were much more underground. But as they grew, obviously, their fan base did as well.But instead of reaching more of their original hardcore/emocore type fans, they reached screaming young girls who go on FOB's MySpace and type 'I Love You' in ascii art. I will admit I am more along the lines of screaming young girl than hardcore/emocore fan.

Fall Out Boy's main following are teenage girls obsessed with the band members more than the band themselves. The band consists of Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Andrew Hurley, and Joseph Trohman. Reading their myspace, you find odd comments, that make you wonder, such as this:

"hey jus dropped by 2 say hi...i am a big fan of the band. but i loooovvvvveee PETE, i think ur so HOTTT.!!! but dont git me wrong i love all of u gUys.if u sent me jus 1 comment it wuld probably help me git better :D luv ya<3 ~~~sHa NaE~~~"

Now that you know about their following, you're probably wondering who they are. These boys, considered with love by some, scorn by others, are far from a standard boy band. Nobody advertised in a trade paper for four boys, nobody did anything like that. These guys are authentic. They can play their instruments, (a bass, two guitars, vocals, drums) and they don't lipsync. Patrick can actually sing and Pete can actually multi-task, i.e play his guitar and back Patrick's vocals at the same time.

Not everyone has to agree with me, and definitely, not everyone does. I think Fall Out Boy are a band to listen to. With two well known albums, Take This to Your Grave and From Under the Cork Tree, Fall Out Boy is on the rise. Keep yours ears open for their pop- punky, emocore sound and substantial lyrics, as well as their strong melodies and choruses. Maybe you'll like them, maybe you won't, but they might end up as a force to be reckoned with on the music scene in the near future.

Fall Out Boy and Frank Sinatra, A Multi-Generational Juxtaposition of the Artists.


With regard to the first paragraph, although dynamics have little to do with the artist and much to do with the listener. We concur on strong melodies, as well as lyrics with substance. Choruses are an added plus, in certain instances. This includes not only Sinatra, but Dean Martin, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, and The Sex Pistols. Sinatra also had a very odd fan base, in his early years. While having substantial lyrics, choruses, melodies, etc.

When Frank Sinatra first started out he was much more underground. His first paying gig was at the Rustic Cabin in New Jersey. As he grew in popularity, so, of course, did his fan base. Far from hardcore, porn hadn't even been invented when Sinatra started out. All that there was along those lines were steamy romance novels. Sinatra's fans in the 1940s indeed consisted of legions of screaming young girls. Not having the advantages of MySpace nor ASCII art, they resorted to wearing bobby-socks, screaming, fainting, and swooning instead. I will admit when I hear Sinatra sing "I Get A Kick Out Of You," "Come Rain or Come Shine" or "Somethin' Stupid," I, too feel more along the line of a screaming young girl... but that's another story.

Not being a group, comparison can only be made via Sinatra's side musicians and conductors. They are, like Fall Out Boy, far from a standard boy band. Among them are Nelson Riddle, Quincy Jones, Louis Armstrong, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Don Costa, Hank Sanicola, and Sammy Davis, Jr.. Although Tommy Dorsey did, indeed, advertise in a trade paper for vocalists before discovering Sinatra at the Rustic Cabin, Sinatra, like Fall Out Boy, is authentic. He can't play an instrument, however. But he never lip-synched. Sinatra can actually sing, and all of his musicians can actually multi-task, like playing the guitar and paying attention to the conductor at the same time.

We indeed agree in more ways than I thought possible. Definitely. I think Frank Sinatra is a singer to listen to. With over fifty major albums, including Come Fly With Me, Nice 'N Easy, and the ever-popular Duets I and II, Sinatra was on the rise and down the hill more than once, but always ends up on top in my book. Keep your ears open for his smooth, hip, breezy sound and his strong melodies and choruses. Maybe you'll like him, maybe you won't, but Sinatra will always be a force to be reckoned with on the music scene. With strong melodies and choruses.

This writeup was intended as satire. It depends upon the writeup above for straight lines. The evil person who penned this writeup has been duly excoriated by some members of the community for exploiting the first writeup of a new E2 member. Prior to the publication of this writeup, a /msg was sent to the author of the writeup above explaining what was going on, in a very kind manner. No response was received. The author of the writeup above has since made changes to Fall Out Boy that have rendered some of the humor in this writeup obsolete.

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