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A very brief update on my personal coding crusade

For the past two weeks I've been trying to get a functioning ECore test site up and running on my laptop (a 2004-era Thinkpad running the latest Ubuntu Linux). This has been going... poorly.

In order to build a working ECore site, you must first get Linux, Apache, mySQL and Perl (the so-called LAMP stack) all working in harmony. I'm learning a lot about the fundamental programs that make ECore go, but it's frustrating. The whole process is hampered by my near-total ignorance of Apache.

Also, my near-total ignorance of Linux, mySQL and Perl.

Also, I'm illiterate and my arms end in hooves. So that's a problem...

le sigh.

I've basically sworn-off even looking at E2's codebase until I can get this test site set up. I realize it's standard practice around here to muck with the codebase liberally and server errors be damned but, dude, I dunno. Programming on a live server gives me the heebee-jeebees real bad.

To me, there are very few software fixes that are worth potentially burning our site to the ground with a misplaced semicolon. To each their own.


Next time... installing an Everything Engine on your laptop! one that works maybe!


The fish spill out over the deck in their thousands, silver and liquid, pouring over one another, flapping and gaping and staring. They will still be alive when they are gutted. So many. A shoal. God, I can't breathe.


I think I've had this one before.

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