Ahh, an insane day. I'm currently attempting to organize my vast collection of CD-R's. I have so many of them I don't know what to do with them. I need a higher density optical storage medium to archive my data...

Anyway, here comes the weekend! And I have absolutley no idea what I'm going to do... Oh well..

Yet another Saturday of banality. The nice things about Saturdays for me is that, though I must show up for work, the actual amount of work to be done is as close to nil as can be achieved around here. No one comes in, no one calls. My job could never be described as hard, yet I would rather have it challenging or completely lacking any sort of undesired outside stimulation. I am a big fan of contrast. Ohh ohh! I just gave away my pager too! My poor unfortunate co-worker was dumb enough to move 2 blocks away from work! I moved about 2 miles away, thus, that nifty state of the art, alpha-numeric, lithium display, back-lit, ANNOYANCE FROM HELL is now his!

I've endured a day with an on-again/off-again video card, and, now, a newly-discovered dead car battery, found in an attempt to get to a store for a new card (and also some groceries, but not at the same store). I haven't had a day like this in a long time.

I've managed to get the drivers to work, and the display is normal again (else I wouldn't be writing this), but in the back of my mind, I'm left wondering if the computer will freeze up yet again, driving me into another round of workarounds and true-plug-and-pray.

But I've found that all these snafus can't lay a finger on my joy. I'll be inexplicably smiling, as I walk to the supermarket. Of course, if I walk back and discover that X still isn't working, the smile will be wiped off my face in a heartbeat.

A seemingly normal day gave way to chaos around 6AM when I started work. Foolish me, I still have a job that's more gruntwork than brainwork. And yet, they expect me to be in at 5AM next saturday and sunday. Bloody hell, are they TRYING to make me quit?

Besides that, my day went pretty well as planned. That is to say, I didn't plan anything. Ah, bliss.

Right around the closing hours of the bar known as February 12, 2000, I suddenly felt quite bitter and sarcastic over nothing at all that happened during the day. Censorship Armageddon: Trip to the City was the result. Hm.

After my weekly college course on Middle Eastern culture and my afternoon-to-closing shift in Brooklyn College, I went out to a bookstore in New York City to buy a book for Ruthie Henshall for Valentine's Day. It's a Robert Mapplethorpe book ("Pistils") featuring his pictures of flowers. Tulips, roses, and especially the Calla Lily photos. Those pictures are so... peaceful compared to the raw carnality of his previous work of the gay S&M scene from his book "Pictures." Then the book also have pictures of the lily being so wrinkled and dried up, to show the fact that the flower's life (and Mapplethorpe's, as he succumbed to AIDS in '89) is so limited, so finite.

It snowed today...

I aM so damn sick of SNOW

As I write this, there are two little munchkins getting ready to hurt themselfs on an treadmill. I figure it's only a matter of time until they turn it up too high, and get flung smack back into the wall. Well, at least I showed them how to use the safety cord. Well, only one is now, the other managed to sit still to watch Groundhog Day.
I'm tired, but then again, I'm always tired
Gentlemen, cover your ears.

Ladies, I spent the day menstruating without cramps! For the first time in a year! Can I get an amen?

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