From the diary of Victoria Palmer, unabridged


Another Valentine's Day, it came.. and it has almost vanished. Horrible of course.. I have been writing a lot in my journal lately.. ugh.. I haven't seen *Jay since Jan. 27th.

I think I've gone and done it again, fallen in love with someone who couldn't possebily fall for me, at least not for anything longer than a few weeks.

I found out *Alan had a car crash. He called me to tell me he missed me. Could it be after all this time he realized how much I cared about him? But honestly.. It is way too late, if he showed 1/10 the emotion towards caring, and wanting me around back then.. I'd prolly still be with him.

I really do love Jay.. it isn't infatuation, or a phase. I am so sure of it. I think I am scared to be alone, and he makes it so.. emotionally at least.. I don't have to be. If I could only let him know what I was thinking, without sounding wacko.

I really am starting to hate my room mates. I'm not sure it's their fault, prolly part mine, if not mostly. This is the first time i've had to share a bedroom/bathroom with someone I don't know.. nevermind sharing 3 rooms with 6 people I don't know. I think I might be homesick.

Ok now I really hate my room mates. I just found out Jay called 4 times yesterday, and I just found out. Maybe he does care? fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

* - names changed to protect the guilty

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