There seems to be a strange negative vibe towards the idea of 'feminism' today. People seem to think all feminists are man hating lesbians (note: many lesbians are cool, one of my best friends is a lesbian. ). In reality, feminists are the best girlfriends you can have. For one thing they are generally confident in themselves and their femininity, and you'll have way more fun in a relationship when you are both confident. Even more importantly, they reject female stereotypes. I really don't understand where these stereotypes come from either, because they are stupid, and detrimental to guys as well as girls. One of the dumbest is that girls should never be horny or like sex. I think anyone can see how this is a useless and silly view and should be discarded. Sex should be a good thing, if it isnt, someone is doing something wrong. For people to ignore their most basic instincts is silly. But from what i can tell, feminists don't worry about that.

Also, feminists aren't worried about looking 'girly'. But who wants a girl (or guy) who's acting that way anyway? I like girls who wander around the mountains and snowboard with me, play 'boy' video games with me, hang out with 'the guys' etc. I can't imagine going out with a girl who wouldnt do this stuff.

Yes, i realize this is a generalization. There are probably many feminists who like acting 'girly' and they have the perfect right to do so. That isn't my point. My point is that social expectations on females (and guys) are dumb, and if you find a person who doesnt worry about that stuff, you have something special.

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