A character in the Viz comic who follows his uncle around while the uncle makes perfectly innocent comments that Finbarr finds hilarious, causing Finbarr to make daft noises such as Fnarr! Fnarr!, T! T! T!, etc. The strips usually end with the uncle boffing Finbarr's mum while Finbarr stands outside the door, perplexed, because something actually naughty is occurring.

Example: Finbarr and his uncle go to cut a Christmas tree.

Uncle: "There's a good one, Finbarr. What a lovely long pole!" Finbarr: "T! T! T!" Uncle: "Give me the axe, Finbarr... now it's important to get a good grip on the shaft." Finbarr: "Fnarr!" Uncle: "Oh no, we're stranded out here, but here comes a helicopter to the rescue. What a lovely shiny chopper!" Finbarr: "Say you!" etc.

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