In french, "Fleur" meaning "flower" and "delacour" meaning "of the court"1
Therefore, "Flower of the court"

Fleur is a part Veela (humanoid creature that affects men through their natural beauty) through her grandmother. She was the Beauxbatons champion in the Triwizard Tournament in the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, along with Viktor Krum of Durmstrang, Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter of Hogwarts. She has long silvery hair, large deep blue eyes and white, even teeth.

Fleur is somewhat pernicious and snobby. She makes disparaging comments about Hogwarts in a voice loud enough to be heard by everyone around. She is very atttractive to boys and knows it. This is mostly in part to her veela blood and heritage. She found Bill Weasley, the oldest of the Weasley boys, attractive and she attended the Yule Ball with Roger Davies of Ravenclaw, the Quidditch captain of his house. Fleur has a sister named Gabrielle Delacour who she had to save during the second task.

There is the HP Book rumour that she might end up teaching at Hogwarts. Most likely Defence Against the Dark Arts but that teacher is always cursed with something.

She also speaks in a heavy French accent which is clearly written and shown in J.K. Rowling's writing:

"It is too 'eavy, all 'zis 'Ogwarts food, I will not fit into my dress robes!"
-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, p. 332, CAN. first edition

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