The Veela are magical creatures from the Harry Potter universe; they first appear in the fourth book of the series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as supporters for the Bulgaria Quidditch Team.
A Veela appears as a beautiful woman, with a skin that seems touched by moonlight and long, pale gold hair that moves as if blown by a magical wind.

Unless they are angry, that is.

An angry Veela sports a cruel beak and scaly wings, and they can throw handfuls of fire at the source of their frustration. (If Mrs. Rowling were a man, I'd think that he was describing an ex-wife).

The sight of a dancing Veela opens the floodgates of testosterone into any man's bloodstream. Of course, since the book is aimed at 14-years old, the phrasing is a little different; all we see is that men and boys start behaving foolishly, bragging about how strong, clever or rich they are. Girls seem immune to a Veela's power, and indeed they don't understand what's going on with their male friends; older men are less affected than boys.

A Veela hair can be used as the core of a wizard's wand, but then the wand will be inflexible and a bit unpredictable.

Veela and humans can mate, and their offspring are fertile.

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