Texas based rock band that came to the general public consciousness through the VH-1 show "Bands on the Run". Influenced by Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, The Cure, and Velvet Underground, Flickerstick won the competition through sheer heart and live performance power. They released a 3 song EP (Demonstration) and self-released their first two full length albums: Chloroform the One That You Love (1997) and Welcoming Home the Astronauts(2000). They built up a strong local following on the basis of their live performance and that is what kept them on the show (their lack of interest in promotion and getting up early would have done them in if they didn't deliver consistently strong live shows). They've since been picked up by Epic/Sony and Astronauts has been remastered and rereleased. After the 9/11 incident, Epic took advantage of the opportunity and laid off large numbers of employees, among them many of the people who had been working with the band. In light of the lack of label support, Flickerstick opted for a cash out and went on to release a live album on their own label and are currently working on another studio album.

The band:
Brandin Lea - Lead vocals/guitar
Cory Kreig - Guitar/keyboards/vocals
Fletcher Lea - Bass
Rex James Ewing - Guitar
Dominic Weir - Drums 
Brandin and Fletcher are brothers, as you might have already guessed, and grew up competitive dancers. When Rex gets excessively drunk, he is referred to as El Dangeroso.

Demonstration (EP)(1996)

Chloroform the One That You Love (1997)

Welcoming Home the Astronauts(2000).

Causing A Catastrophe - Live (2002)

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