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A followspot is a special type of light, used for plays, concerts, or other kinds of show, which can be manipulated by a followspot operator.

The main control that the followspot operator has over the followspot is the ability to move it around(i.e. so it follows the actor/musician/person). Other controls on the followspot allow him to change the focus, and an adjustable iris is often available. Also, some followspots come with a detatchable colour magazine, whilst others have one built in.

Followspots are especially useful in musical performances (musicals, concerts, etc) when you want to pick out a single person. You could also pick out more than one person in a single beam, or use more than one followspot.

Followspotting requires quite intense concentration, as you have to have a very steady hand, and also know exactly what you are meant to be doing. It is also useful to have a good eye for lines, which would help when trying to line up the followspot before turning it on. Some followspots do have markers which will tell you where it will be pointing when it is turned on, which make the job slightly easier.

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