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One of the main characters in Fred Negro's PUB strip and also featuring in many other productions by the same artist.

The original character was based on a toy found in an Opp Shop that is a cross between a gorilla and a sasquatch. It has a large gaping mouth with pointed teeth, big eyes and prominent groves on it's body showing it's fur.

Fred also has a paper mache head of the character that he wears at the Karaoke sometimes. The special feature of it is that Fred can drink beer through it. He always says "It was me all the time!" when he takes it off.

When I saw the toy at the pub Fred told me the following story about it:
"We used to use it to see if we would get thrown out a pub. What we would do is pour beer down it's throat and say "Burp! I'm feeling sick!" and make it be sick on the table. If they let us stay after that we would have a lot of fun there."

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