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The Ford F-150 pickup truck is the best selling vehicle in the USA.

It's a full size pickup which was introduced in 1984 as a replacement for the F-100 truck. You can buy it in a variety of configurations, including a high performance version developed by Ford's SVT division and a special for 2001: The Harley Davidson supercrew model.

The venerable Ford F-150 is still the best selling pickup in the United States, which makes the overall F-series the top seller for over 40 years. Not bad for a utility vehicle.

Ford recently switched the body construction from steel to aluminum (or aluminium for the folks with the cool accents). This lightened the weight of the truck significantly but does have the drawback of being easily dented like beer cans. I personally prefer the Superduty series, which are the F-250's and above.

Because the 150's were getting purchased by everyone who wanted a family truckster that could also haul some stuff from the hardware store, Ford expanded the cabin options with a full-on crew cab. Now it can hold five people in comfort while still hauling a gaggle of mountain bikes in the bed. 

The F-150 can haul a half-ton in the bed. The 250 can handle three-quarters of a ton and the 350 can haul a ton, literally. A half-ton is probably more than what most folks need unless you're using it for work, such as around a farm or ranch, or if you're towing some trailers. The trade-off is the fuel mileage versus the hauling capability.

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