Corporate Profile:
Fox Entertainment Group, Inc., 85% owned by The News Corporation Limited (NYSE: NWS), is principally engaged in the development, production and worldwide distribution of feature films and television programs, television broadcasting and cable network programming. Fox has total assets as of September 30, 2002 of approximately US$23 billion and total annual revenues of approximately US$10 billion. The Company's studios, production facilities and film and television library provide high-quality creative content, and the Company's broadcasting and cable networks provide extensive distribution platforms for the Company's programs.
Profile as of December 31, 2002

Fox Programming:

20th Century Fox
Drum roll and music.
Those are the three really big words that appear before the movie begins when watching a Fox film. Their movie industry isn't the biggest out there, but it is definitely well known. I remember the old good movies of Home Alone, 2, and 3. Recent movies of 2002 were Unfaithful, Like Mike, Drumline, and Just Married.

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