Docu-drama Proposal: When Web Designers Attack: A New Fox Special

Description: Spot-based show that shows the volatile nature of web designers across the globe by using video taped situations (all factual events as they occurred, not re-enactments). The success of Fox's "When ____ Attack" has made a real venue for this reality that people are truly unaware of. Normal society believes that web designers are docile, gentle creatures who do their craft for the sake of art, but they are not privvy to the darker side of web designers- when provoked they can be as grisly as any bear in Yellowstone National Park. Proposed duration of the segment is 1 hour, using no more than 20 individual tapes and cases to draw from. We also would like to have some computer and psychology professionals/doctorates interviewed in order that they may give insight to exactly why a web designer can snap for no apparent reason. Interviews with victims and the web designers themselves would give a very palpable appeal to the show- reality-based drama. Perhaps we could "stage" a situation where a web designer who is close to the edge of attacking a problematic client can be pushed or provoked (unwittingly) into an aggressive situation- we will consult with the Legal Department on that issue (will web designers' civil rights be violated in any way? Will we have to alert emergency services before filming?).

Desired Host: Bill Gates. We know that Mr. Gates is not hurting for money, so we can't offer him anywhere close to an appealing rate, but we can offer him airtime and exposure. Encourage him to help express the plight of all computer professionals who are close to their breaking point. If Mr. Gates will not host the program, perhaps Jonathan Frakes would be interested?

Suggestions: Have the program simul-cast on the Internet, perhaps on a separate website created by some of the participating web designers we've documented? Based on the popularity of the program and the amount of hits its website receives, we might be able to discern whether a sequel could be made.

From the advertisment

Scene: Darkened room, lit only by monitor light, a figure hunched in the shadows.

"Web designers. Placid, quiet, docile, allergic to sunlight. Not any more.

See web designers attack!

Watch in horror as a client suggests the 17th change for a home page

Sit in shock as the coffee runs out

Recoil in pain as the internet link goes down.

See the disgusting results of a web page with 17 different fonts on it

Hear the modems creek as the web designer uses a 4Mb flash movie as an introduction to a site

Smell the aroma as they work all night.

When web designers go bad ... are your children safe on the net?

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