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An anonymous message board, found at www.frankspit.com. Basically, the pit is an electronic state of anarchy, maintained by a mysterious and misanthropic entity known only as Frank. The splash page reads, "My life is shit. And yours is even more worthless. Here's your crying towel."

The Pit is normally inhabited by its few dedicated regulars (some of whom have been posting for years), the occasional newbie, and an eclectic assortment of cut and paste. Because it is voluntarily anonymous and completely uncensored, anything can be and is posted there, no matter how offensive. Arguably, this makes it the polar opposite of Everything2: no need to earn your bullshit. However, for the same reasons, it can be just as addictive.

It received an entry in Worst of the Web on February 7, 2000, and not much else. An offshoot of Streams Online Media Development Corporation, its only advertisement was a banner on Piercing Mildred, another Streams project. However, traffic increased at least tenfold in late 1999, when there was a sudden onslaught of gothic preteens, apparently drawn to the pit by a link on Marilyn Manson's official website. Also, 2001 saw an invasion of marquee terrorists*.

Aside from Frank, there also exists a mythical being named Bianca, who only appears when someone tries to post unbalanced HTML.

*Marquee terrorism: the abuse of MSIE's <marquee> tag, resulting in an entire page floating across the screen.

Lo, as 2004 dawned, the splash page of the Pit did change, and the banner did read "Frank's Meadow of Fragrant Petunias." And the message below became all that was left of what was once the ever-reeking Pit:

They say all good things must come to an end, and it has come time to turn the lights on here at Frank's Pit Of Eternal Darkness. I'm sure you'll all be working out countless conspiracy theories as to why I've decided to fill in the Pit, but there are none. I'm bored with it, I'm older and happier, and the world doesn't need any more negativity. So as of about 11:59 GMT 31 December 2003, we've filled in the Pit with 6.8 metric tons of potpourri.

It's been an exciting experiment in free speech. May each of you find whatever it is you're looking for in life.

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