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Numerous agencies, institutions, and organizations, such as Planned Parenthood and college housing offer free condoms in the name of public health and safety. That being considered, you would think that it might be pretty easy to find free condoms online for those with the inclination to do the nasty without getting a horrible disease.

So you go to Google and put in a search for free condoms, and find out it's not so easy after all.

The first thing you'll see, and the one you'll come across most often, is a site called freecondoms.com. Heads up! Despite the name...

This site does not offer free condoms.

They say they exist in the public interest, as you might imagine a site offering free condoms would. Unfortunately, they actually exist to benefit themselves with advertising revenue, and to benefit corporations with promotions.

When you sign on to the site, you get 30 free "condom points". To get more, you must sign up for credit cards (and be accepted), buy things, and or do a number of other things, that will, at the very least, involve your credit card, phone bill, home address, etc. At the very least, you trade information for the "free" condoms and, in the process, put yourself up on the altar to get screwed with free trial offers.

The people who really need free condoms are sexually active teenagers and the otherwise poverty stricken. How many people in those two groups do you think have credit cards?

It is one of the biggest website scams I have ever seen. The minimum thing you can buy costs 200 "condom points", far above the 30 "free points" you get for signing up.

So you leave that site, and search elsewhere for your free condoms, what do you find? Novelty sites that draw you in with "free condoms" on the search engine page that really offer nothing of the sort. Either they have "sampler packs" that still cost money, or they want large shipping and handling fees, which seem unrealistic. And again, you need that little plastic square.

I did, however, find one site, one, that offers no strings attached, free condoms, "Project Outreach". It is a public service organization in New York City dedicated to safe sex, etc. You enter your home address in their fields, and they send you twelve, standard Trojan condoms within a few days, in a discrete package.

Although they're based in New York City, they will send the condoms anywhere in the United States.

you can find them at:

In addition, I found that if you go to the Trojan company website and provide your address, the company itself will send you one free sample condom.

Durex used to have a free sample offer, but all the pages that link to it now lead to a 404 on the Durex site.

If any of you other noders know of public service sites like "Project Outreach", offering condoms free of shipping and handling charges with no strings attached, I encourage you to please node it here.

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