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A great game to play in any college dormitory, especially at the beginning of the Fall term, when no one knows each other yet.

The rules that I learned are quite simple:

There's only one appointed Judge.
A Resident Assistant usually fills the shoes. The judge sets up the game by randomly drawing people's names and marking them down on a circular chart (which only the judge ever sees). A name is drawn, then next drawn is their target, the next drawn is their target, and onward until the last person, who gets the first person drawn as their target. On the morning of the game's inception, the judge hands out folded pieces of paper naming each person's target. Once someone kills their target, the victim has to tell their killer who THEIR target was. This then becomes the killer's new target. The killer is also responsible for recording the kill and any famous last words on a public message board.

The only legal way to kill someone is to tap them with a balled up or knotted sock.
One can either tap them, whack them, or throw the sock at them. Be warned though, IF you throw the sock and miss, the target may THEN pick it up and tap you, thus getting a Reverse Kill (worth double points).

There can be no witnesses.
In order for the kill to be valid, no other people can see it happen. Yes, this creates all sorts of interesting alliances, mistrusts, and general paranoias. Best friends have been known to sell each other out. Even girlfriends and boyfriends.

Kills can only happen in the dorm.
So walking to class is safe (getting out of the dorm may prove tough though. I personally registered 3 kills by bribing my targets’ roommates for their class schedule, then woke up early and waited outside their door).

The game lasts an entire week.

PsychoHours are between 10pm and 12am on the last two nights.
During this time the zero-witness requirement is eliminated, so you can kill people with ANYONE watching. The only safe zone is any dorm-sanctioned 'social event,' also known as 'keggers.' Don't drink? Stay in your room and lock the door ( “and hope they don’t have blasters”).

The scores are tallied up at the end of the week and one person is declared Dorm Serial Killer.
They're awarded some sort of prize from the student fund (such as a $150 gift certificate for the local mall). The prize really doesn't mean much though - it's all about chaos of the week, meeting new people, and the “Oh shit!” look on people’s faces when they realize their roommate help set them up.

Each Kill ------------------- 1 point.
Reverse Kill ---------------- 2 points.
Surviving DormKiller alive -- 5 points.

The most points wins.

Helpful Tactics:

  • Always work your target's roommate for information.
  • NEVER, EVER, EVER go ANYWHERE without a sock/weapon.
  • It's all about the setup. Temporary alliances are crucial. Offer to help a person setup their kill if they help you set up yours.
  • Offer your TARGET to help set up their target if they help you setup yours. When they ask who your target is, lie and tell them their roommate. Then ask to meet in their room to plan the supposed attack. When you meet, kill them with a sick and twisted laugh.
  • Weapon Variations -
    1. The SockWhip - get one of those knee-high white socks and stuff two balled socks into the end. Then tie the long sock into a knot, securing the two balled ones inside. You can lash this out like a whip, reaching at least 2 feet without worrying about losing your weapon.
    2. Throwing Socks - buy a whole pack of white tube socks from Wal-Mart and ball them up real tight. Keep 10 of them in your book bag to use as ammo. Why only give yourself one shot? If you miss, you have 9 others PLUS your handy-dandy SockWhip for melee action.
    3. T1000 Style - during PsychoHours bring a bag of 10-20 ThrowingSocks, your SockWhip, and a plastic garbage can lid as a shield. Run around like mad trying to kill as many targets as possible. If your target hides in their room, whip socks at their door and terrorize them psychologically. Don’t ask how, just be sick and creative. They may give up. It HAS happened.

Happy hunting.

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