A frenum is a fairly un-painful surface piercing generally located on the lower portion of the penis where the head and shaft meet, often going through the circumcision scar.
Healing time is generally around 6 weeks, but recipients are often able to carefully have oral/vaginal sex with condom after the first couple days.
Also, one rung of a frenum ladder.

um, yes. not only is a frenum a fun lil part of a penis, prone to piercings, apparently (ouch!), it's also a little hunk of skin connecting the inside of your upper lip to your gums. also prone to piercing.

Frae"num (?), ∨ Fre"num, n.; pl. E. Fraenums (#), L. Fraena (#). [L., a bridle.] Anat.

A connecting fold of membrane serving to support or restrain any part; as, the fraenum of the tongue.


© Webster 1913.

Fre"num (?), n.; pl. E. Frenums (#), L. Frena (#). [L., a bridle.]

1. Zool.

A cheek stripe of color.

2. Anat.

Same as Fraenum.


© Webster 1913.

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