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Fruit and vegetables naturally include many ingredients which are excellent for skin rejuvenation - like any living organism, they have to keep themselves taut and juicy, which is exactly what we want for our skin as it begins to age and/or develop blemishes and spots. In recent years the science of skincare has gone through one "naturally derived" trend after another - enzimes, amino acids, grape extracts, wheat germ extracts etc. All of these are much more cheaply and easily taken straight out of the icebox.

  • Cucumbers: we all know that cucumbers are extremely rich in moisture. A great way of making that work for your skin is to take a bit of cucumber peel and just rub it all over your face and neck. Don't wash off - the skin will absorb the freshness and all the other benefits. Just make sure both your skin and the cucumbers are clean - you don't want any of the pesticides on there.

  • Grapes: a wonderful acid exfoliator and cell rejuvenator. Cut a green grape in half and rub it, flesh first, over your face. Wash off after about 10 minutes - you don't want to irritate the skin. Also avoid the eye area - the amino acids are too powerful for the delicate skin there.

  • Plums and peaches: great for nutrition and exfoliation. Simply rub a slice over your face and throat and wash off after a few minutes as with the grape. Leaves skin wonderfully smooth - especially good for people with oily skin who don't want to clog it up with greasy moisturizers.

  • Tomatoes: take half of a firm tomato and rub over your skin. This fruit is very acidic, so this is only reccommended for people with oily or normal skin - dry papery skin will probably not appreciate the strain put on it.

I'll be adding more of these as I discover and test them, however I encourage you to do some of your own experimentation. Nothing which is completely natural can possibly harm your skin in any significant way, so just try stuff out whenever you're making a fruit salad and see what happens!

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