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The icebox was the predecessor to today's refrigerator. It resembled a modern fridge, but was cooled by large blocks of ice which were delivered regularly by the iceman.

Later, it became practical to do the cooling with electricity behind each refrigerator, rather than at a central ice plant. The name lives on, however, and some people still use the term icebox for a refrigerator.

Icebox is an online animation production house that specializes in Flash/Shockwave formatted cartoons.

Some of their more famous animations have included

Sometime around 2000, the Icebox website went dark and all those lovely, trashy, potty, juvenile cartoons seemed lost forever for anyone who didn't bother to rip them off while they could.

But then Icebox spun-off a new company called AllCharge with the specific purpose of creating micro-payment based services. Now each segment of all of Icebox's cartoons will cost you about 25 cents US to view for a day.

If you don't have a credit card you can get a DuoCash card (like a prepaid phone card) and then blow it all like a juvenile sod on pulp fiction.

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