Title of a Pavement bootleg 7". This is the second Peel Session recorded by the band (the first was simply called John Peel Session). The title, Garrulous, is a pun on "Gary-less", as the drummer Gary Young somehow missed the session. Rain Ammunition is a different version of the untitled, unlisted instrumental from the "Cut Your Hair" 12" single (this version has lyrics). These tracks are also available on the Stuff Up the Cracks bootleg CD.

Track listing is as follows:
Ed Aims
The List of Dorms
Rain Ammunition
Drunks With Guns

Gar"ru*lous (?), a. [L. garrulus, fr. garrire to chatter, talk; cf. Gr. voice, to speak, sing. Cf. Call.]


Talking much, especially about commonplace or trivial things; talkative; loquacious.

The most garrulous people on earth. De Quincey.

2. Zool.

Having a loud, harsh note; noisy; -- said of birds; as, the garrulous roller.

Syn. -- Garrulous, Talkative, Loquacious. A garrulous person indulges in long, prosy talk, with frequent repetitions and lengthened details; talkative implies simply a great desire to talk; and loquacious a great flow of words at command. A child is talkative; a lively woman is loquacious; an old man in his dotage is garrulous.

-- Gar"ru*lous*ly, adv. -- Gar"ru*lous*ness, n.


© Webster 1913.

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