A new Scheme implementation, focusing on I18N, fast startup, and good Unix integration. The author, one Shiro Kawai, worked at Square and apparently wrote their asset management software, i.e., the tools for querying, storing, & versioning all kinds of data in use by all kinds of production personnel; tools for organizational support; the works. In a write-up on these tools, Shiro says they were primarily written in Common LISP and Perl, and he wishes he could use Scheme more often instead of Perl. To fulfill that wish, his Scheme starts up rapidly to better serve as a scripting language, uses Unicode & other charsets to be useful in I18N contexts (Schemes & LISPs are notably poor at this, at least in current implementations), handy syntactic sugar (i.e., some nice read macros), plus lots and lots of libraries.

I quite like it. I wrote mod_scheme by embedding TinyScheme, but am eyeing Gauche for the next version. It's already become my primary Scheme environment.

Gauche (?), n. [F.]


Left handed; hence, awkward; clumsy.

2. Geom.

Winding; twisted; warped; -- applied to curves and surfaces.


© Webster 1913.

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