The thing about the Internet is this: It's a damn big place

So many people have access to the 'net, and what is disseminated there is so permanent that it is almost impossible for a person to put forward a new thought.

If you've thought about it (unless we are talking about new theory in quantum mechanics, and possibly even then) someone has talked about it on the 'net.

This makes the internet a great source of information for people looking for information about sex and relationships, as well as for those seeking information on the construction of bombs.

There are many newsgroups which deal exclusively with sexual matters - although unless you are specifically wanting photographs of various sexual acts and large amounts of advertising, the group with information relevant to you is most unlikely to have the word "sex" in the title.

One exception to this general rule is the group soc.sexuality.general. This is a moderated newsgroup made up of  a large number of transients and a small, regular, core group who enjoy discussing sexual matters. The main part of the posts is made up of first time posters with a specific problem relating to their sex lives. 

I have never seen a poster's question go unanswered there - and most of the answers are thoughtful and highly informative. The only subjects to be given short shrift are trolls of the "if you have sex you are going to burn in hell forever" type.

So while I certainly would not describe the core group of posters to that newsgroup as "perverts" I do believe that any idea you may have about sex, no matter how radical, has probably occurred to them, passed through their collective brain, and been thoroughly chewed over till it is thoroughly boring.


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