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George Noory is the host of the popular overnight radio show Coast to Coast AM. The program was formerly hosted by Art Bell and is devoted to paranormal occurrences, UFOs, and all manner of unexplained topics.

George began his career in Detroit, Michigan first as a reporter at WCAR radio, in the early 1970s. He left WCAR in 1974 for WJBK-TV, where he worked as a news producer, eventually rising to executive news producer.

After a few years in Detroit, in 1978 he moved on to Minneapolis and KMSP-TV, where at age 28 he became the youngest television news director in major market US radio. George’s next assignment was in St. Louis, where he worked as the news director at KSDK-TV. During his news career, George received three Emmy awards for his work.

While in St. Louis, George returned to radio and combined that with his life-long interest in the paranormal and the unexplained. He hosted a late-night talk show where guests and callers discussed everything from ghosts and UFOs to conspiracy theories and unexplained phenomena. Getting into the spirit of things, George became known as "The Nighthawk".

It was while hosting this show that George came to the attention of Premiere Radio Networks. Art Bell, suffering from severe back problems, had decided to retire from hosting Coast to Coast AM In January 2003, George, who had served occasionally as guest host, was brought on as the new host, with Art Bell returning occasionally on weekends.

George quickly became known nationwide as an astute and well-balanced interviewer. He has an excellent, well-modulated radio voice, and is able to handle both guests and callers with ease and respect. The show runs for three hours, part of which is devoted to guests, and part to free-form callers who discuss all sorts of paranormal and strange things, many of which have happened to the callers themselves.

George’s enthusiasm is evident and, like a good reporter, he usually manages to ask the questions his listeners would like to ask. Coast to Coast AM is heard on AM stations across the United States, usually starting at (appropriately enough) midnight.


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Coast to Coast AM's web site is located at <http://www.coasttocoastam.com/>

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