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A villain published by DC Comics. Glorious Godfrey was created by Jack Kirby and first appeared in Forever People #3 in 1971.

Glorious Godfrey is one of the New Gods who lives on the world of Apokolips. Godfrey serves the ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid, by using his ability to speak persuasively to manipulate those that Darkseid desires.

Glorious Godfrey first appeared as the speaker in a traveling revival where he preached the benefits of the Anti-Life. The Anti-Life equation is a formula by which Darkseid long believed he would be able to rule the universe. He discovered years later that the Anti-Life was an actual evil entity that threatened to destroy the universe.

Godfrey recruited a a large group of humans who he equipped and called his Justifiers. This group was so enflamed by Godfrey's words that they possessed nearly superhuman strength. Glorious Godfrey's plans were opposed by the intervention of the Forever People, who helped to free the humans from Godfrey's control. Glorious Godfrey returned to Apokolips.

Years later, Glorious Godfrey returned to the Earth in the guise of G. Gordon Godfrey, a commentator who used the media to incite the world to oppose the efforts of the super-heroes around them. Through his efforts, the U.S. government banned all super-heroes and Glorious Godfrey began a campaign of terror using a group of gigantic mechanical hounds called Warhounds. Only through the combined efforts of a group of heroes gathered by the Lord of Order Doctor Fate was Glorious Godfrey defeated.

During the battle with the heroes of Earth, Godfrey stole the helmet of Nabu, the source of much of Doctor Fate's power. Believing that he could use that power for his own ends, Godfrey donned the helmet, but the effect on his mind was terrible, leaving him a mental vegetable for a time.

Godfrey's catatonic body was taken to Belle Reeve, the prison complex that was used by the Suicide Squad as a base. Darkseid sent his minions the Female Furies to return Glorious Godfrey to Apokolips, but found themselves opposed by the Suicide Squad. The Female Furies succeeded in their task, bringing Godfrey back to his home.

Of late, Godfrey has been seen fully recovered working for Darkseid in Granny Goodness's orphanages.

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