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Apokolips and its inhabitants were created by Jack Kirby and published in DC Comics. Apokolips is the counterpart of the planet New Genesis. Where New Genesis is the home of the New Gods, and all that is noble, good, and fair, Apokolips is a world of evil and sinister forces. Both planets were created by the death of the old gods, whose bodies and energy were used in the creation of these two opposing planets. The ruler of the planet is the powerful despot Darkseid.

Apokolips is a planet made up of buildings upon buildings, looking like the worst industrial section of any major city, multiplied by infinity. The slums are known as Armagetto and are the home of the lowlies and the Hunger Dogs. The Hunger Dogs are the people of Apokolips, who work as the labor force for the gigantic Energy Pits that power the planet.

Other features of the planet of Apokolips include the Tower of Hate, Darkseid's palace. Known for its enormous statue of Darkseid's head that sits atop the Tower, the Tower of Hate acts as throne room and headquarters for all of Darkseid's activities.

The other best known place on Apokolips is the Happiness Home, one of a series of orphanages run by Granny Goodness. Granny's orphanages are places of pain and punishment in which the soldiers of Apokolips are trained from an early age. Some of these soldiers go on to become the elite parademons who are the scourge of the galaxy and feared by the enemies of Apokolips.

Many famous inhabitants roam the planet of Apokolips. They include such people as:

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