A hero published by DC Comics. Big Barda was created by Jack Kirby and first appeared in Mister Miracle #1 in 1971.

Big Barda was taken as a young child from her mother Big Breeda and raised in one of Granny Goodness's orphanages. Barda grew stronger than most of the other "orphans' in Granny's care, and so was taken and trained for battle. Eventually, Barda became part of a group of hand-picked warriors answerable only to Granny Goodness and the ruler of Apokolips himself, Darkseid. The group was called the Female Furies and soon after joining Big Barda was given leadership of the group.

Big Barda possesses incredible strength and invulnerability. She is an excellent tactician and a ruthless opponent. Barda is clothed in an armored costume that adds an additional layer of protection for her. Barda's weaopon of choice is the mega rod, which possesses the ability to fire powerful force blasts, negate or increase gravity for a chosen target, and open transdimensional pathways known as boom tubes that allow instant access across space and dimensions.

Big Barda led the Female Furies for a time until she met and befriended Scott Free, the son of the leader of New Genesis. With the help of the New God Metron and Big Barda, Scott Free escaped to Earth and took up the identity of Mister Miracle. Big Barda followed soon after to be with Free and was pursued by her teammates in the Female Furies. The Furies fought their former leader for a time, but soon were convinced to help Big Barda and Mister Miracle return to Apokolips to win their freedom. The Female Furies eventually returned to work for Darkseid.

Big Barda and Mister Miracle were married and eventually grew tired of the super-hero business and tried to settle down in a small town. They were continually drawn back into the world of costumed heroes and eventually returned to New Genesis to live with Scott's father, the Highfather Inzya.

Big Barda returned to Earth for a time in the company of the son of Darkseid, the violent hero Orion. The two were sent to help defend Earth against Darkseid's plots and joined forces with the Earth's premiere super hero team, the Justice League.

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