A villain/supporting character published by DC Comics. Funky Flashman first appeared in Mister Miracle #6 in 1972 and was created by Jack Kirby.

Arrogant. Self-promoting. Scheming. Associates with people of wealth and power. Though they share many similar character traits, long before there was Donald Trump, there was Funky Flashman. Little is known of Flashman's life prior to him becoming associated with the New God Scott Free aka Mister Miracle. It is known that Flashman had an association with a wealthy man named Colonel Mockingbird, who had since passed away. Flashman gained control of the Colonel's money and belongings, but though Flashman enjoyed the high life, he did nothing to maintain the money requesite to fund it and soon found his cash reserves getting low.

Flashman struck upon an idea and soon, nearly inexplicably, had associated himself with and become the manager for Mister Miracle, who was known to the general public as an escape artist and not as a superhero. Flashman learned of Scott Free's alien origins and his extra-worldly equipment, including Free's Motherbox. Seeing the sentient device as a golden money making opportunity, Flashman stole the device and returned with it to his inherited mansion. Flashman however has appalling luck and while the Motherbox was in his possession, a strikeforce from Apokolips sent by Granny Goodness to subdue and capture Mister Miracle and his wife Barda tracked the Motherbox to Flashman's home. The Female Furies proceeded to destroy Flashman's home, though he and the Motherbox were saved by Mister Miracle.

Flashman disappeared for a time but resurfaced as the organizer of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, a sort of anti-Justice League. The group had existed in the past, but was reformed under Flashman's guidance, though he was taking orders from the villain the Wizard. Flashman proved a capable manager and did better organize the group than ever before, but his ego began to clash with that of his puppetmaster, and Flashman was kicked out, vowing revenge.

Flashman again disappeared for many years, reappearing in the 80's back as manager for Mister Miracle. Due to Flashman's scheming, Free ended up being indebted to the intergalactic barterer Manga Khan and being forced to do an intergallactic tour of his show. During this time, he was replaced on Earth by a sophistocated robot, which was destroyed during a battle as it fought along side the JLA. Believed killed, Scott's wife Barda and his JLA teammates grieved his death. Scott eventually returned having paid off his debt, but to find that everyone believed him dead. Flashman's responsiblity for this caused him again to disappear for a time.

Flashman resurfaced in Metropolis where he was running a successful string of stores that traded in superhero themed merchandise. As the superheroes generally wished their identities kept secret and were considered part of the public realm, Flashman was able to use their popularity to turn a tidy profit. He was confronted by Lois Lane, wife to Superman, but she found there was nothing she could do about his profitting from the heroes. She however used his greed against him, but suggesting that there would be money to be made selling super-villain themed goods as well and soon stores appeared carrying things like Captain Cold drink coolers and Metallo lunchboxes. Though the heroes did not argue, the villains were not so forgiving and Flashman was forced to flee their wrath.

It has been suggested that Flashman's self-promotion and over-the-top way of talking was Kirby's attempt to get a dig at his old partner Stan Lee, who is known to present a larger than life persona.

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