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G'nort is a dog/human Green Lantern, a character in DC Comics. He weilded one of the most powerful weapons in existence, a Green Lantern ring. This was after a misadventure with Guy Gardner that involved G'Nort and a ring sent by evil forces.

G'Nort had many adventures, including quiet a few with Sax Girl, a lonely human who developed feelings for him.

All G'Nort wanted was friends. Too bad he was completely oblivious to most reality and thus hated by all those he himself loved.

G'Nort's ring went kaput after famed Green Lantern Hal Jordan lost his freaking marbles and blew up half of Oa the Green Lantern's homebase planet.

Kidnapped by slavers and having escaped from them under unknown circumstances, last reports put G'Nort living in the alley behind Warriors a bar in New York where many heroes hang out. Guy Gardner and friends run Warriors.