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Proverbs 8 and 9 contain a useful demonstration for any sexist fundamentalist types. Also, God created 'men' in 'his' own image...male and female 'he' created them.

I don't particularly want to start a discussion node either, but the above is tolerably useful and interesting, and related to the name of the node. And of course, I don't truly believe in a discretely gendered God. But it was a nice node.
Oh, for crying out loud, let's not start a discussion node about this.

I think we can all agree that, assuming God exists, he/she doesn't have a physical body with an assigned gender. God is commonly referred to as "he" out of convention and tradition. It all depends on whether you want to focus on the masculine or the feminine attributes of God's personality -- and since "masculine" and "feminine" personality traits are becoming increasingly culturally defined, even that's hard to work with.

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