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leknducklesoleknucklesoleknuckleleafishdarkcooldarkdotdotdotdotddddd dd dddd ddd dddddotdot dot knucklesoleknuckleddotbrrrrsoleknuckles ooletoekneekneerrrrbbrrrrightlightsightdelight t t t t t

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seeskywater skywater down from up skylighting down from up skydarking down from up skywater drowngonetimesad


sad be no happy be i happy no i happy no i happy know i happy nowowowwwwowwooooo oo oo

i walk on knuckle from behind to where see all green green good eat i sit where see where see now here i sit i eat when rest be nice when eat be nice when not eat be nice when hungry and eat be nice when hungry be sad when tired and sleep not wake be sad when skywater be sad see gonepasttimes be


i jump i JUMP in time of now gonepasttime all of world eaten i angry having nothing other have me not have me must have me must have me


hear SOUND

bloodknuckle bloodhair in mouth SOOUUUUND

satisfies not i here i walk on my feet from unalive animal at defensive gorilla with my feet as my knuckles my feet as my feet gorilla unhappy soon unalive he ununhappy i here i ununhappy


Well what did you think would happen when you chose an ape again? In another few hundred of your lifetimes their life will have evolved far more suitable life forms. Since this was performed against my advice I shall have no part in its extermination. You have too little respect for life. Report back upon successful completion.

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