A power trio consisting of Warren Haynes, Allen Woody, and Matt Abts, these guys know how to kick ass. Their music sounds like a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Steppenwolf, with some Funkadelic and John Lee Hooker thrown in for good measure.

The idea for Gov't Mule started on an Allman Brothers Band tour bus with an exchange between Warren and Woody. They both agreed how there was no modern band reminiscent of the power trios of the past. They wanted something that sounded like Cream or Mountain or Steppenwolf, and still be flexible enough to play outside that genre. Woody suggested drummer Matt Abts, and the project was born.

In 1995, the Mule released their first album, self-titled. They began opening for Allmans shows and playing with other acts such as Blues Traveler. The entire time, Warren and Woody were sill playing with the Allmans, only useing Mule as a creative outlet. In 1996, they released a live album of their set opening for Blues Traveler on New Year's Eve.

In the spring of 1997, after the Allman's perennial run at the Beacon Theatre, Warren and Woody left the Allman Brothers Band so they could pursue Gov't Mule full time. '97 would find them touring more as Mule, writing more songs, and spending time in the studio for their next studio release.

1998 brought their second album, Dose, a declaration of independence from the Allmans. The return to the studio brought about a wealth of new songs, along with Woody playing mandolin in addition to his bass and a host of new influences that could be heard in their sound.

Following in the tradition of their 1995 live album, they released their 1998 New Year's Eve show as a double live album in 1999, returning to the studio to record Life Before Insanity, which would be released in 2000.

Today they continue to tour and carry on the musical traditions of their influences.

Unfortunaetly Gov't Mule may be no more...
Allen Woody died late last year (2000) and well, how can the trio continue without him?

Currently Waren is recording a tribute album to Woody using Allens' favorite bass players and other musicians.

Les Claypool (Primus)
Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead, Phil & Friends)
Alphonso Johnson (Chuck Mangione Quartet, Weather Report, Santana, Bobby & the Midnights, Jazz is Dead, The Other Ones)
Francis "Rocco" Prestia (Tower of Power)
Jack Casidy (Hot Tuna)
Chris Squire (Yes)
Mike Gordon (Phish)
Bootsy Collins (James Brown, George Clinton & P-Funk)
David Schools (Widespread Panic)
Chris Wood (Medeski, Martin & Wood)
Jack Bruce (Cream, West, Bruce & Laing, among others)
Tony Levins (King Crimson)
Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers)
Billy Cox (Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys)

No title has been given to the CD, nor has a release date been set.


The New School of Gov't Mule - Featuring Warren Haynes, Matt Abts, Dave Schools and Chuck Leavell is currently getting ready to tour.

The power trio is no more. But the music lives on!

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