An intimidating yet somehow surprisingly amicable closing for a threatening letter sent to you by an organization representing someone else's legal and/or fiscal interests, such as a collection agency.

The insinuation is that by virtue of their prowess in litigating, and by the wealth of their experience in dealing with other such matters, and possibly because they know tougher people than you know, your position is so utterly untenable that you might as well not even imagine that you can defend yourself, and you should submit to their demands immediately.

Here's a little example of how it might be used:

Re: Impractical Payment Options Co.* Inc.

Amount outstanding: $48.23

Dear Mr. trotw00d:

Our client Impractical Payment Options Co. Inc. has referred your account to us for the collection of the aformentioned amount. Please forward payment to our office within 5 days of receipt of this notice. For your convenience you may contact our office at [our telephone number] to arrange payment of your account.

If paying by check or money order please make payable to Mean Collection Agency Inc.*

Govern yourself accordingly,

[Signed], Mean Collection Agency Inc.

* Not the real names of the companies.

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