This knowledge is essential to self defense. In many situations, the victim is physically smaller and weaker than the attacker. A good knowledge of vulnerable targets of the human body is essential to come out victorious, in case there is physically violence. Prevention is the best solution, but if it all comes down to this, know where to strike, strike fast, and get the hell out. I'm not exactly large, but this knowledge saved my ass over and over. The disbelief of larger bullies of being defeated by a smaller person usually lasts very long, and discourages further attacks. Without further ado, here is the list of targets.

  • The head - Where the head goes, so does the rest of the body. Also the part of the body with the most vulnerabilities. Always go for the head.

    • The eyes - Finger jab to the eyes is one of the most devastating attacks possible. Direct attack or pressure works. If you can't do that, you can feign an attack, causing the attacker to instinctively close his eyes or raise his arms, leaving him wide open.
    • The nose - The base of the nose has plenty of nerve endings. Also, grabbing the nostrils causes a lot of pain. Striking upwards into the nose will stop anyone.
    • The ears - Good target for biting. Especially for women, if the attack is of a sexual nature. Clamp down and rip.

    A word of warning - Attacks to the head can easily cause fatalities, negating your claims of self defense. Never ever club down on the top of the head, especially with a weapon. Don't forcefully attack the throat or the temples, as this can easily cause death.

  • The torso - Depending on how ripped the person is, the torso can be almost impervious to attack. However, there are some points that still work, no matter how much muscle there is protecting it. The solar plexus can easily wind someone, but it is hard to find exactly. The rear of the kidneys is your best bet. A good hard punch there can cause extreme pain.
  • The groin - Causes a lot of pain, in women as well as men (believe it or not). Knees work the best, but a good underhand punch also does the job. If you're being grabbed, a hard grab will get their attention (against men only).
  • The arms - The wrist is vulnerable, especially the bony area. The inside of the upper arm muscle, when struck hard, will completely deaden the limb and allow you to escape.
  • The hands - Bend back the fingers, causing extreme pain, or grab two fingers and forcefully spread them apart. Plenty of nerves here, especially on the back, for you to dig into to loosen a grip an attacker may have on you.
  • The legs - The knees are a huge vulnerability, especially for larger opponents. Stamp down on the front of the kneecap to disconnect it. Stamping the feet is also effective, especially with high heels. If you strike the kneecap from the side it will be very painful. If you get behind an opponent, jab the back of the knee to cause it to fold, causing him to collapse onto the ground.

    The dead leg area is a point on the inside of the thigh, halfway between the knee and the hip. Knee it hard to deaden the entire leg. This will work no matter how big or psyched up an opponent is.

  • Remember, this is self defense. Don't do any more harm than necessary to escape, or else you will be held liable. Surprise, speed and shock must be combined with effective attacks for you to prevail against stronger opponents. Be vicious, or you'll lose the fight.

    When Moe holds out his fist and wants you to hit it, don't do it. He'll just circle it behind himself until it comes up and over and bonks you on the head. Just back away and maybe he'll go and rough up Larry instead. F*ck Larry. He might not beat up on you like Moe does but then he never breaks it up either. F*ck this whole Three Stooges gig anyway. You should have finished that course in CompSci and gotten a real job.

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