Self proclaimed Sexuality Boutique started by Kim Airs back in 1993 in Brookline, Massachusetts. It's tends to be geared towards women, but anyone can visit here and find quite a variety of toys, information… you name it, they have it. The best aspect of Grand Opening by far is the play factor. You walk into your average toy store and you can see a variety of packaged toys aligned along the wall, all safe and protected in their sanitary plastic packaging. Well, that's all fine and spiffy. Except that you can't touch the stuff through the plastic. And when you're out to buy a buy a butt plug, a dildo, a vibrator... you WANT to touch it first. You're going to be putting that thing in some pretty sensitive places, and how it feels is a big deal. Grand Opening has a display filled with every product they sell. Opened, unpackaged, for you to play with. Just rack after rack of toys. All the batteries are there, and they are not tied down. You can handle them, play with them, obviously no one crosses the line and really plays with them, but you can handle the merchandise. Very cool factor.

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