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Greenclaws was a childrens television series made for CBBC in 1988. 26 episodes were made with each episode 15 minutes long all written by Ursula Jones. These starred Greenclaws, a six foot tall overweight green monster who wore glasses and loved gardening. This character was played by Nick Mercer, who was previously a presenter on Play School, and more recently on Playdays

The star character was named Greenclaws as the name greenfingers is given to a person who is keen on gardening. As Greenclaws was a fingerless monster, the name was changed slighty to compensate for his altered state of digital dexterity.

Greenclaws lived in a house which only had one room. Attached was a greenhouse containing a large hollow tree where Greenclaws places his newly planted seed to propogate.

[Stella Gooier played Iris, Greenclaw's female friend from Yorkshire. She helped Greenclaws however she could by helping him choose which brightly coloured seed to plant, or by translating what Alma the Owl said.

This was especially important to the plot of Greenclaws as after the seed had grown, Alma asked Greenclaws a question. This had to be answered correctly before the plant could be removed from the tree.

The question asked was usually,

"Twoo, twoo, twit, twit, twoo!"

After the question was answered, the plant was released and inspected by Iris, Greenclaws and Alma. It was always an unusual specimen, such as a chocolate plant and bread plant.

At the end of each programme, Greenclaws read a short story about one of his relatives to Iris and his parrot George.

Greenclaws has been repeated numerous times, the most recent being in 2000 on the BBC2 CBBC dinner-time slot.


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