An alternative system of values subscribed to by several noted villains, near-villains, or anti-heroes that actively shuns objects, feelings, sensations, etc. commonly regarded by society as positive, such as...

Candy canes, flowers, ice cream sundaes with hot fudge, stories involving fairies and princesses and shining knights on white horses, butterflies, piles of soft goose feathers, greeting cards, spacious homes in the country, truth, honesty, valor, good hygiene, and Los Angeles

...and offers in their stead...

Rotten apples, weeds, ice cubes coated with motor oil, stories involving Godzilla stomping Bambi, big ugly moths, mounds of smelly garbage, a pile of “get well” worms, cramped and dingy garbage cans, lies, trickery, cowardice, questionable cleanliness, and NYC.

The origin of this intriguing philosophy is deeply rooted in Grouch Culture, whose leading thinker is currently Oscar the Grouch. The origins and the homeland of the grouches is unknown, the sole remnants of their kind currently living along a single street of New York City. While most adherents of Grouch Logic are grouches, it has begun to make inroads into the villain community. Chief non-grouch subscribers to Grouch Logic are noted villains Boris Badenov and the Grinch.

Grouch logic can lead to a dangerous paradoxical state, as Oscar once discovered. I believe it was started by people hanging around his can and bothering him. People bothering him makes him angry, but he loves being angry so that makes him happy. But he hates being happy, so that makes him angry.

. . .which makes me happy, which makes me angry which makes me happy, which makes me angry. . . -- Oscar the Grouch.

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