Royal Navy slang term for something new, sleek, or somehow cool. e.g.: "He got himself this gucci new convertible, alloy wheels, the ish".

Does not imply that the object in question was designed by Gucci or had anything to do with that company, save for the analogy of trendiness.

Few words are as congruent with luxury as Gucci. We see the gilded G and we know at once, that the wearer is either in the 40 percent tax bracket or, that they are like myself and simply liked the frames of a pair of Gucci glasses, so bought them (frames aren't so expensive).

However, Gucci's beginnings were slightly more unassuming. Guccio Gucci, formerly a maitre d'hotel, started the company in early 1920's Florence, as a supplier of leather goods.

Gucci fans include the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie O. The height of fame, these women raised the label's profile throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Later, the label suffered a slump, then Ford took over.
And you know the state of the Gucci trademark now, do you not?

Gucci is sexy, like schoolgirls and salsa music. It is smoky, lusciously difficult to breathe, and minimalist, but not bare. Think Miles Davis or the Velvet Underground.

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