A suffix.
When added to the end of a word, it makes it approximate. For instance, 5ish is around 5.

Suffix equivalent to the prefix "quasi-."

"Ish" is a colloquialism used to express disgust. In conversation, a party may inject the term in response to a discussion of an event that surpasses the concept of decency. When the term is issued, a common aghast sigh may escape the crowd. Crowds are often suspect toward conversations involving out of bounds human decency and confrontation of it. It is much easier to be enchanted by deviance or disgust than portray an air of prudence.

Reality television spun a web of social aberrations, and the Neilson ratings went off the hook. Our armchair: TV dinner, No voting, McDomald's eating, wife beating, slugging beer to escape reality, Pot smoking to be "cool and collected without that anti-depressant shit", wine snob, bibliophile that don't read books, wannabe, ignorant racist, paid for your degree, Michael Moore jerk-off liberal who can't think for itself, Richard Brautigan, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, S.I.T.O. Ken Kesey, Babbs, and Cassidy lovin' acid tripping hippies, $500 suit wearing ignoramuses, pay fifty bucks for a haircut, Jetta driving Metrosexual terds, all "ish" something. It's delightful.

These topical terms describe our current web of fascination:

  • Rancid
  • Putrid
  • Wretched
  • Gross
  • Funky
  • Pea-ewe (P-U)
  • Vile
Yet common folks of good blood and community secretly indulge. People masturbate, eat chocolate, listen to Yanni, I don't condemn, I just want you to know that I don't want to see it. Which is why people keep their perversions, fetishes, longing, faith, and anything else that can't be seen under wraps.

The fear of ridicule, aberration of the "norm", deviant, way-out existence has hindered human existence. Sure, God and religion has tried to keep us on a pious path toward enlightenment but our sensory receptors have been overloaded with vice. Our media entrenched information highway has left some delirious with a plethora of "Oh, NO," bad news and the rest apathetic about just about everything, including themselves.

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