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Guide to Activism on College Campuses
In adition to regional and national projects, local activism can be just as, if not more, satisfying. Activists, progressives, reformers, freedom fighters and bleeding heart liberals alike may recognize these questions based off of guidelines at the ACLU's website.

Do the following situations apply to your campus?
  • Does your school apply campus policies fairly, or are they biased towards certain groups? I.E., are fraternities breaking the school's alcohol policy and getting away with it while the average student drinking in a dorm room is not?
  • Does your school support your right to privacy such as not performing, or having a clear policy on winter break room inspections?
  • Can the university prevent you from speaking your mind on campus due to speech codes?
  • Are your academic and medical records kept confidential ?
  • Does your school ever give drug and alcohol tests when they don't have "reasonable suspicion"?
  • Do you have the right to due process in judicial and disciplinary situations?
If you want to be a campus activist, remember:
Public schools are part of the government, and they're bound to the Constitution. But private campuses have a lot more leeway in their rules and codes.

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