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Gun.Smoke is a western themed scrolling shooter made by Capcom and released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988. In it, you star as Billy Bob, a cowboy out to stop the villainous reign of the evil Wingates and save the town of Hicksville.

The game plays out like this: the screen constantly scrolls up, and Billy Bob can move up, down, left, or right. Billy Bob is armed with two six-shooters, which, amazingly, never need to be reloaded. Pressing the A Button fires to the right, and pressing the B Button fires to the left. Billy Bob also has other weapons to arm himself with, such as grenades and a machine gun. Billy Bob can also find a horse to ride on, which comes in handy when in particularly nasty shoot-outs, as the horse takes damage in lieu of you. You can stop at shops along the way to purchase the horse, along with weapons and the Wanted Poster. The game, which is very hard in and of itself, offers another twist which makes it mind-bogglingly hard later on: in order to fight the boss of each stage, you need to find the Wanted Poster in each stage. If you don't find the poster, the level will repeat itself until you do find it.

Overall, this is a very fun, but extremely difficult game. But if you are a hardened gamer who enjoys a challenge, go for it. It's well worth the effort.

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