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Hadji was Jonny Quest's 11-year-old Indian side kick. Hadji's full name was Hadji Singh. He was a poor Calcutta orphan who was rescued from a life of poverty by Jonny Quest's father Dr.Quest after Hadji saved Dr. Quest from an assassination attempt. (I guess he could have been a rich orphan if he had sold the red ruby in his turban and it's never explained why he doesn't ever pawn it for a dirt bike.)

It's eventually learned that Hadji is the surviving heir to a throne in Bangalore, India. But anyway, what a find Hadji turned out to be! On the mean streets of Calcutta Hadji learned the ancient art of the fakir and yogin, plus all sorts of Indian mystical shit. Hadji appeared to have the following powers: Hadji's other duty on the show, besides side kick and magic user, was to offer Jonny situation-specific Indian proverbs, although many seem oddly non-Indian in nature ("There are more things in heaven and earth then are dreamed of in your philosophy." )

Hadji's "d'oh!" signature line was "Sim sim sala bim".

Hadj"i (?), n. [Ar. hajī. See Hadj.]


A Mohammedan pilgrim to Mecca; -- used among Orientals as a respectful salutation or a title of honor.

G. W. Curtis.


A Greek or Armenian who has visited the holy sepulcher at Jerusalem.



© Webster 1913.

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