This node is an overview of the gods and goddesses worshiped by the Halfling race in the various AD&D worlds (Halflings are just like Hobbits if you were not familiar with them).

Individual halfling communities will often have local names for these gods and goddesses. No matter what the name, this pantheon is worshiped almost universally by all halflings.

Yondalla the Provider (Greater Goddess)
Yondalla appears as an attractive halfling woman with long blond hair, wearing a skirt of forest green, and carrying a sturdy wooden shield (which bears a cornucopia symbol). Her spheres of influence are nature, plants, and growth. She is the chief matriarch of of the halfling pantheon. She is the mother and creator of all things. Yondalla is also the great protector, she blesses her people with peace, comfort, and plenty. In most of her incarnations she is gentle, but she can age anyone who has wronged a halfling with a mere wave of her hand.

Sheela Peryroyl (Intermediate Goddess)
Sheela holds sway over weather, agriculture, and nature. She guards the balance between farming an preserving the wilderness. She appears as a pretty young halfling girl, with colorful flowers in her hair (however her image is often mixed with that of Yondalla herself, some Halfling believe that they are the same goddess in different forms). Sheela is also in charge of feasting, celebration, and romance (come harvest time, there will always be a major festival held in her honor).

Cyrrollalee (Intermediate Goddess)
The goddess of the burrow, the hearth, and of the mundane. Cyrrollalee blesses the little things in life, like a cup of tea in the morning, or a good smoke on a pipe at night. The highest way to praise Cyrrollalee is simply to be friendly, and to show hospitality to everyone. She usually appears as a stooped, overworked halfling of obvious poverty. She will often visit different families in this guise (good things will befall those who show her hospitality, very bad things will come to those who don't).

Arvoreen the Defender (Intermediate God)
Arvoreen is the god of defense and watchfulness (not of war). He is the most serious minded of all the halfling deities. He reminds the people that their current safety did not come free (and can be easily lost). Arvoreen the Defender usually appears as a attractive halfling warrior with a muscular build. He usually carries a short sword and a reflective metal shield, often wearing very little in the way of clothing.

Brandobaris (Lesser God)
Brandobaris is the god of adventure, he watches over those halflings that leave the safety of their burrow to explore the larger world. He appears as a friendly, well dressed, plump halfling. He is known for his drinking and telling of dirty jokes, not to mention his conversational ability. He has even made friends with some gods outside of his pantheon (such as Garl Glittergold and Baervan Wildwanderer).

Based on material from Deities and Demigods and The Complete Book of Gnomes and Halflings.

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