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The Major Arcana

0 Fool - clown
1 Magician - magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat
2 High Priestess - Vampiress
3 The Empress - Bride of Frankenstein
4 The Emperer - Frankenstein's Monster
5 The Hierophant - Mummy
6 The Lovers - Girl being attacked by Vampire
7 The Chariot - Hearse
8 Strength - Lion Tamer
9 Hermit - Mad Scientist
10 The Wheel of Fortune - Guy tied to a wheel with daggers being thrown at him
11 Justice - Pumpkinhead man with the scales
12 The Hanged Man - Scarecrow hanging upside down
13 Death - Skeleton watering pumpkins
14 Temperence - Witch adding things to cauldron
15 The Tower - Haunted House
16 The Star - Gargoyle
17 The Moon - Werewolf
18 The Sun - Two Headed Monster
19 Judgement - Bodies coming out of tombs confronted with vampire
20 The World - Black Cat

The Minor Arcana are depicted much like the Rider Waite deck, except with a halloween twist. The suits are Pumpkins (Pentacles), Ghosts (Cups), Bats (Swords), and Imps (Wands). This deck was created by Kipling West and is currently available from U.S Games Systems, Inc

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