(as opposed to Hamilton, Canada)

New Zealand's largest inland city in the region of Waikato. It has a surprisingly good coffee culture, street art festivals, and Late Night Mark. They have some of the best gardens in the world - imagine something Mr Miagi would do his Taichi crap in front of.

I live in the suburb of Hamilton East, with my Girlfriend, and don't buy from Hillcrest Fish Supplies.

Also known as: Hamiltron, City of the Future. Famous for the Waikato Chiefs and Waikato NPC team, holders of the Ranfurly Shield at the time of writing.

The Waikato river winds it's way through the city and the roads are wide to accommodate milk trucks.

Hamiltron is also the home of Waikato Draught a beer that is not widely known for it's popularity in other cities.

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