If anyone wants added here.. feel free to /msg me. It may take a while sometimes, but I'll get around to it.

I am sure I am not the only one that generally says they are from somewhere outside of Toronto, rather than specifying a town. This is really because no one has any clue where the tiny towns are... ah well. Here is the list (mad props to Lord Brawl because he is responsible for any organization here) ...

By area code*, then alphabetically by username:

* That's sometimes how we sort things in Ontario, "because no one has any clue where the tiny towns are."

416 (Toronto)

519 (Southwestern Ontario)

613 (Ottawa and Eastern Ontario)

705 (Central Ontario / Algonquin Park region)

807 (Northern Ontario)

905 (Greater Toronto Area)


Ontario natives or former long-time residents

  • kamamer (Windsor, Toronto, now Seattle)
  • presto (formerly Scarborough, now Helsinki/Geneva)

Noder gatherings in Ontario

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