"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" is track number four from the Daft Punk album Discovery. It is a bouncing club track featuring vocals which feel as if they were recorded in one sequence, edited back together and then run through a vocoder. Despite having a dance club feel, this is not a dance song. Like the first track from Discovery, this song transcends simple dance music and becomes something strange and different. After all, how can it be dance music if you can't dance to it?

The master stroke of HBFS is the vocal break two minutes into the song. This break is occupied solely by the amazing vocoder track and the bouncing bass line, which is in and of itself an amazing accomplishment. Although the vocoder has often been used a simple studio trick used to add flare to a song (see Cher's Believe), Daft Punk expertly use this throw-away piece of technology and create an effect which should be insanely cliched, but somehow sounds completely original. This track exemplifies Daft Punk's style, taking the traditional club standards and molding them into catchy and relatable pop songs which work on a multitude of levels.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Daft Punk

Work It     Make It
Do it       Makes Us
        Harder       Better
        Faster       Stronger
More Than   Hour
Hour        Never
        Ever         After
        Work is      Over
Work It Harder Make It  Better
Do it   Faster Makes Us Stronger
More Than Ever Hour After
Hour Work Is Never Over

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