No, I didn't mean here... but it's an observation of mine that everything is even neater when shoved through a vocoder. Evil robots are so cool. I submit to you:

You too can sound like some inhuman mechanical fiend bent on world destruction. Yesh!

Everything is not better with vocoders. They're the newest trend in popular music, and at this point it's simply obnoxious. In the hands of a true artist, a vocoder can be a valuable tool. But ever since Cher released "Believe", gratuitous vocoder, regardless of whether it furthers the expression of the music, is the In Thing.

Examples: "Only God Knows Why" by Kid Rock. "Blue" by Eiffel 65. Numerous tracks from Madonna's "Music" album (though the title track isn't a prime offender).

But I like vocoder, on the condition that it's done properly. Listen to "Remember" by Air. It's every bit as blatant with the vocoder as Kid Rock's song, but it adds to the general ambience of the song. In Case of the Ex by Mya, the vocoder was used only once, to accentuate an interesting vocal line, and it works beautifully. And yes, most of what rivet mentioned is good, too. But every time I hear a new boring, formulaic pop song that's been drenched in vocoder in a vain attempt to make it more interesting, hip or innovative, I want to vomit.

*end rant*

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