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Several of the lyrics in Styx's Mr. Roboto are in Japanese. Here is what is being sung.

"Domo Arigato" means "Thank you very much."
"Mata ah-oo Hima de" means "Until we meet again."
"Himitsu wo Shiri tai" means "I want to know your secret."

Recently this song was featured in an ad for the Volkswagen Golf. This was when I realized that I'm now a target demographic. The two men using the six-speaker CD stereo system the ad is touting are obviously supposed to represent myself and another Styx-loving friend who would find the concept of driving around at night, blaring Mr. Roboto on said stereo while lip synching the lyrics pretty much the pinnacle of our adult lives. And yes, the ad did make me slightly want the car, not so much because I wanted the stereo, but because I was happy that Volkswagen was so blatently trying to sell something to me. That they cared enough to make an ad just for me. I love multinational corporations.

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