This song's title is sometimes rendered as "Paint It, Black" with a comma. This is apparently how it was originally released by the Rolling Stones as a single in 1966. I think it was my dad who told me that it had to be changed because someone (who apparently wasn't listening to the lyrics) thought that the song was ordering a black person to paint things. I cannot find any confirmation of this story anywhere; perhaps the comma is usually omitted because it makes no sense to have one there. One theory I found as to how the comma got there is this:

'Rick muses that they omitted the apostrophe (of "Mothers Little Helper") from the title because they had inadvertently used it up as a comma in their previous hit, "Paint It, Black." Perhaps the printer, looking at a list of songs with MLH beneath PIB, transferred the apostrophe in MLH to a comma in PIB?'

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